I just wanted to say thank you to Raffi for being such a huge part of my childhood and in turn, my adulthood. All I Really Need is my very favorite song, I play the Christmas album on repeat every year and Evergreen Everblue makes me believe that maybe even I can make a difference.

Loey Crooks


As a beluga dad, I knew then that Raffi's goal was to transform the world through his music. It is not surprising then that Raffi took the next step and provided the transformation himself with his Child Honouring philosophy.

Ed Breaux, Wexford, PA


In my work with young children, I have worked hard to create safe, respectful environments for learning. As a teacher, I am constantly reminded that little people do as we do, not as we say. It is the modeling of peace, respect, compassion, stewardship, and citizenship that counts. It really is the little things that each of us do daily that can propel the compassion revolution forward.

Michelle Honeysett, Courtenay, BC


I grew up watching Raffi's concerts and listening to his songs, and now that I have my own baby, I am having so much fun introducing her to Raffi's music - something that celebrates childhood and innocence.

I am also a psychologist who has worked with families and children, and if more families practiced "child honouring" and practiced compassion within their own families and communities, I would be out of work - and so happy about it!

Barbara Toohill, East Peoria, Illinois


I am a beluga grad myself...Raffi was a huge part of my life in the 80's as a young child. I am bringing his music into my children's lives now too. It's just the best! As for child honouring, you're right, it starts with the children!

Amber Chartier, Mission, BC


Still love the music and am passing it along to my nieces and nephews and friend's children. I hope to go into social work and I KNOW I was inspired at an early age by the compassion and love in Raffi's songs.

Katherine Davis, Santa Monica, CA


I have enjoyed Raffi for years since my sister played baby beluga non-stop for her son in the 80s. Now I have my own son who loves Raffi.  We love your music and continue to listen and sing it together as a family….  I'm 46 but when I'm feeling down I'll sing one of your songs to get a positive vibe going and try to change my mood.

Jim Boulay, Bloomington, Montana


from New Richmond WI
Nov 16, 2010

Hello. I am really hoping and praying that Raffi will see my letter. My 28 month old daughter Avery Jean was diagnosed with an inoperable brainstem tumor called Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma on April 30th, 2010. It has been a horrific and terrifying road for our family. We just returned from Memphis TN. Avery is a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Avery went through 12 weeks of chemotherapy which did not work. Avery most recently went through 30 treatments of radiation and now we are home. We will return to St. Jude for a big MRI in December. Music has always been an important thing in my life. I feel it is therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul. Avery has never been a child who was interested in TV, just music. At about 9 months old we noticed she really loved the book "Baby Beluga" that I would sing to her on a daily basis. When she was diagnosed with cancer our family and friends knew how much she loved "Baby Beluga" so she received the sutffed animal of the little white whale, Raffi DVDs, and Raffi music CD's to give her comfort. The ONLY music or DVD that would calm her down when she was sad, angry, or upset was Raffi. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis because she is a patient at St. Jude. Her right arm started to tighten and stiffen because of the tumor. We noticed that while she watched the Raffi DVD she would try to copy his movements, especially with the song "Mr. Sun." We spent many nights in the park there singing Raffi music to her to get her ready for bed. She would try so hard to raise her right arm to meet the left and make the sun. Raffi is great Physical Therapy for Avery! Her speech was also stolen away from her because of this tumor. One thing she says all the time is "Rah." We know what that means...Raffi. When I sing her Baby Beluga from the book she points to Raffi's smiling face on the cover and says "Rah." She also now says "Baby" when she wants the Baby Beluga book or song. We are working on getting her strength back so now when she watches her beloved Raffi DVD we make her stand between our ottoman and me. Now she tries her best to dance along with the music and bumps up and down with the little red wagon!   I cannot tell you in words what Raffi and his music has done for Avery and our family. It makes us smile when most of the time we feel like crying.  It comforts us to see Avery so happy during this scary time in her life. Thank you Raffi form the bottom of my heart for bringing happiness to my little hero at this time of need. Your serene voice, your sweet nature about you, and your true dedication to children are all amazing qualities.   I know you do not do family concerts anymore, but that may just be my daughter's Make A Wish! If there is anything you can do special for Avery, ANYTHING, it would be much appreciated. Bottom line is, I needed to tell you our story and I need you to realize what you have done for Avery will never be forgotten. Here is Avery's Caring Bridge website if you would like to take a peek into our world. With love, thanks, and admiration, Jennifer Evans (Avery's proud mama!) 651-238-4045
Jennifer Evans

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